Strawberry Earth

Strawberry summer; Less dealing, more buzzing

Are the Strawberry deals really over, was that really the last one? Yes, they are. So say your thanks, take a bow, and let's all move forward. 'Cause what's the buzz? Well, there is absolutely no need to despair, as we will bring you something shiny and new after summer.

Last Deal!

And, yes, there is more fabulousness coming up after summer. Make sure you block October 9 & 10 in your calendar, for our annual Strawberry Earth Fair; presenting the very best in sustainable fashion, design, food and much more. Oh, and be ready to dance, dance, dance! (more details soon on

In the meantime, feel free to keep on checking out for tips, tricks and inspiration on making your life more sustainable this summer.

Keep buzzing, keep smiling and we'll see you shortly!